Vegans Rejoice: Tic Tacs are Now Completely Plant-Based!

Vegans Rejoice: Tic Tacs are Now Completely Plant-Based!

Veganism has been on the rise for years and now, vegans have yet another delicious reason to rejoice. Tic Tacs, arguably one of the world’s most beloved candies, have recently gone through a vegan makeover. Now, the classic orange and mint flavor is entirely plant-based and free of animal-derived ingredients.

What Makes Tic Tacs Vegan?

Tic Tac’s vegan transformation began in 2017 when the company replaced the glycerin in the original product with corn-based glycerin. This move was a big win for animal lovers everywhere as glycerin is often produced from animal fat. With this vegan alternative, vegans can now enjoy the original flavor of Tic Tacs guilt-free.

Are Vegan Tic Tacs Healthier Than Non-Vegan Tic Tacs?

Though veganism is often associated with healthy eating, vegan Tic Tacs are not necessarily healthier than non-vegan Tic Tacs. The original Tic Tacs contain sugars, artificial flavors, and artificial colors, all of which are still present in the vegan version. They also contain a small amount of caffeine due to their natural peppermint flavor. As such, vegans should remember that they are still enjoying a candy and should be mindful of their intake.

How Do Vegan Tic Tacs Taste?

The vegan Tic Tacs taste almost exactly like the non-vegan version. The orange and mint flavors are as tart and refreshing as ever and they still have the same crunchy texture. The only difference that some may notice is that the vegan version seems slightly sweeter than the classic.

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Where Can You Find Vegan Tic Tacs?

Vegan Tic Tacs can be found in most major grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores. They are also available online from a variety of retailers. If you’re not sure if a certain store carries vegan Tic Tacs, a quick phone call or online search should help you find out.

What Are Some Other Vegan Treats?

The vegan candy landscape doesn’t begin and end with Tic Tacs. There are plenty of other vegan treats to enjoy. For instance, vegan gummies are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in many stores and online. Some popular brands include Surf Sweets, Go Organically, and Sour Patch Kids.

Those looking for something a little richer may want to try one of the many vegan chocolates now available. Vegan chocolate bars can be found in some stores and online, while vegan truffles, fudge, and hot chocolate mixes are also widely available.

For something more savory, vegan chips and popcorn are always a good option. Companies like Hippeas, Wonderful Pistachios, and Late July all offer vegan chips and popcorn in a variety of flavors.

Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, vegan cake and cookie mixes are available in stores and online. Bob’s Red Mill, Sweet Freedom, and King Arthur Flour all offer vegan baking mixes that are quick and easy to prepare.

As you can see, there are now tons of vegan treats for all occasions, from classic Tic Tacs to decadent chocolate treats. So, if you, or someone you know, is vegan, there’s no need to deprive yourself of a sweet treat. Instead, you can now savor the vast selection of vegan goodies without feeling guilty. So go ahead and indulge, you deserve it!

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