Vegan Options That Will Make Your Mouth Water at Red Lobster!

Vegan Options That Will Make Your Mouth Water at Red Lobster!

If you’re vegan, you may think that Red Lobster isn’t the place for you. After all, they’re primarily known for their seafood. But the restaurant actually has a fairly large selection of vegan-friendly options. From appetizers to desserts, there’s something for every vegan palate. In this article, we’ll explore the vegan items available on Red Lobster’s menu and give you some suggestions on how to make your meal even tastier.


One of the best parts about going to Red Lobster is the appetizers. And vegans can rejoice, because there are plenty of vegan appetizers to choose from. The ultimate vegan starter is the soup and garden salad duo. The soup of the day is always vegan, and the garden salad is made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. To make it even better, you can add vegan toppings like black olives and croutons.

Another great vegan appetizer is the Wood-Grilled Bruschetta Chicken. This dish combines asparagus, tomatoes, and onions that are wood-grilled and served with garlic-based bruschetta. It’s a great option for vegans who are looking for something a bit more substantial.

Main Course

When it comes to the main course, there are plenty of vegan options. For example, the Create Your Own Entrée option allows you to choose from a variety of vegetables and grains. The grains include wild rice, couscous, and quinoa, and the vegetables include mushrooms, cauliflower, and asparagus. You can even add vegan-friendly sauces like garlic-infused olive oil, lemon-garlic butter, and BBQ glaze.

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If you’re looking for something more traditional, the vegan-friendly Gardein® Crispy Golden Fillets are a great choice. The fillets are made from wheat and soy proteins, and they’re served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. They have a crisp and juicy texture, and they’re even topped with a vegan-friendly herb-ranch sauce.

Side Dishes

Red Lobster also offers a variety of vegan side dishes. The vegan-friendly garlic-grilled asparagus is a favorite among vegans. The asparagus is grilled with garlic and olive oil, giving it a unique flavor. The garlic-grilled broccoli is also vegan-friendly and is prepared with garlic, olive oil, and herbs. You can also choose from a variety of vegan-friendly sides, such as the wild rice pilaf, the julienne carrots, or the seasoned rice.


For dessert, Red Lobster has a few vegan-friendly options. One of the most popular vegan desserts is the Banana Crème Cheesecake. This delicious dessert is made with vegan cream cheese and a creamy banana crème. It’s topped with vegan cookie crumbles and a vegan-friendly caramel sauce.

Another vegan-friendly dessert is the Vegan Chocolate Cake. This decadent cake is made with vegan chocolate cake mix and topped with a vegan chocolate syrup. It’s a great option for those with a sweet tooth.

Create Your Own Meal

If you want to create your own vegan meal, Red Lobster makes it easy. Start by choosing one of their vegan appetizers, such as the soup and garden salad duo or the Wood-Grilled Bruschetta Chicken. Then, choose a vegan main course, such as the Create Your Own Entrée or the Gardein® Crispy Golden Fillets. Finally, select one or two vegan side dishes, such as the garlic-grilled asparagus or the wild rice pilaf.

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When you’re finished, you’ll have a delicious vegan meal that is sure to make your mouth water. If you’re craving something sweet, you can even finish your meal with a vegan-friendly dessert, such as the Banana Crème Cheesecake or the Vegan Chocolate Cake.


Red Lobster offers plenty of vegan options that will make your mouth water. From appetizers to desserts, there’s something for every vegan palate. You can either choose one of the vegan items on their menu or create your own vegan meal. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious and satisfying vegan meal.

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