Sip ‘Til You Drop: Is Mtn Dew Vegan-Friendly?


Mountain Dew is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world, enjoyed by millions of people daily. But is it vegan-friendly? Many people are curious if the ingredients in Mountain Dew are animal-free, making it suitable for vegans. In this blog, we will be exploring the ingredients in Mountain Dew, if they are vegan or not, and other alternatives that vegans can enjoy instead.

What is Mountain Dew?

Mountain Dew is a sweet, citrus-flavored soft drink created by the PepsiCo brand in 1940. It is one of the most popular soda drinks in the United States and has developed a cult following among certain groups of people. Mountain Dew has several different flavors and comes in regular, diet, and zero-sugar options.

Ingredients in Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew contains the following ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, gum arabic, calcium disodium EDTA, brominated vegetable oil, and yellow 5.

Are These Ingredients Vegan?

High fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, gum arabic, calcium disodium EDTA, and yellow 5 are all vegan-friendly. Brominated vegetable oil is the only ingredient in Mountain Dew that could potentially not be suitable for vegans.

What is Brominated Vegetable Oil and Is it Vegan?

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is an additive used to keep the ingredients in Mountain Dew from separating. BVO is made by combining vegetable oil with bromine, a form of elemental bromine. In some cases, the bromine used to make BVO can be derived from animal sources, making it unsuitable for vegans. However, the bromine used in Mountain Dew is plant-based, making it vegan-friendly.

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Other Non-Vegan Ingredients to Look Out For

While Mountain Dew itself does not contain any non-vegan ingredients, some of their specialty flavors do. For example, Mountain Dew’s “Game Fuel” contains natural and artificial flavors, which can sometimes include animal derivatives. It’s important to always read the ingredients list on any product to make sure it is vegan-friendly.

Vegan Alternatives to Mountain Dew

For those looking for a vegan-friendly alternative to Mountain Dew, there are several options available. Some of the most popular vegan soft drinks include Zevia Cola, Virgil’s Zero Sugar Root Beer, and Bionade Gently Sparkling Lemon.


Mountain Dew is vegan-friendly, as long as it doesn’t contain any specialty flavors that may contain animal-derived ingredients. However, there are many vegan-friendly alternatives to Mountain Dew if you’d rather stay away from the controversial brominated vegetable oil. Always read the ingredients label to make sure that the product is vegan-friendly.

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