Satisfy Your Cravings with Biggby’s Delicious Vegan Options!

It’s no secret that vegan eating is one of the hottest trends in the culinary world today. Whether it’s for ethical, health, or environmental reasons, more and more people are turning to plant-based options for their meals. And with the tasty and convenient offerings from Biggby, satisfying your vegan cravings has never been easier!

Why Choose Biggby?

At Biggby, we are committed to offering vegan options that are both delicious and affordable. With our large variety of vegan-friendly beverages, snacks, and entrées, you can enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank. And because all of our meals are cooked to order, you can customize the ingredients to your own individual tastes and preferences.

Vegan Drinks

Start your meal off right with one of Biggby’s delicious vegan drinks. Try a latte or cappuccino made with vegan-friendly plant-based milk, or indulge in a smoothie made with your favorite fruits, vegetables, and vegan protein powder. Biggby also offers a variety of herbal teas, juices, and even alcoholic beverages like vegan-friendly wines, beers, and cocktails.

Vegan Snacks and Appetizers

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an appetizer to share, Biggby has you covered. Enjoy vegan-friendly entrees like a breakfast wrap bursting with plant-based protein, or dig into a plate of vegan nachos topped with vegan cheese and salsa. You can also munch on an assortment of vegan desserts, like our signature vegan brownies, vegan-friendly cookies, and vegan-friendly cakes.

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Vegan Entrees and Sandwiches

For a heartier meal, Biggby offers delicious vegan entrées and sandwiches. Dig into a vegan-friendly burger, wrap, or deli sandwich, or try one of our vegan stir-fry dishes, like our vegan-friendly kung pao or teriyaki. You can also enjoy vegan-friendly versions of all your favorite dishes, like vegan Mac ‘n Cheese, vegan tacos, and vegan pizza.

Vegan Sides and Salads

Round out your meal with one of Biggby’s vegan sides or vegan salads. Enjoy vegan appetizers like vegan-friendly hummus and guacamole, or try one of our vegan-friendly sides, like vegan-friendly potato wedges or vegan-friendly rice. For a lighter meal, enjoy one of our vegan salads, like our vegan Mediterranean salad or vegan quinoa salad.

Ordering Options

Ordering from Biggby is easy and convenient. Visit any of our restaurant locations to enjoy your meal. Or, if you prefer, you can order online or via our mobile app for pickup or delivery. Biggby also offers catering for vegan events, so you can easily satisfy all of your guests’ vegan cravings.

At Biggby, we are proud to offer delicious vegan options for every meal. From vegan drinks and snacks to vegan entrées and sides, you can find whatever you’re craving at Biggby. So whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, satisfy your vegan cravings with Biggby!

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