Explore the Delicious Vegan Menu Options at Bonefish Grill!

Explore the Delicious Vegan Menu Options at Bonefish Grill!

For those who have been searching for a restaurant that caters to their vegan lifestyle, look no further than Bonefish Grill. Whether you’re vegan or not, Bonefish Grill offers a variety of vegan options that are healthy, delicious, and sure to satisfy everyone at your table. Read on to explore the delicious vegan menu options available at Bonefish Grill!

Wood-Grilled Vegetables

Bonefish Grill has a wide range of vegan entrees, making it easy to find something that everyone at your table can enjoy. On the vegan menu, you can choose from a variety of wood-grilled vegetables. The options include grilled portobello with vegetable slaw, roasted cauliflower, and grilled seasonal vegetables with garlic and herb pesto. These cooked-to-order options are sure to delight even the pickiest eaters.

Vegan Bowls

If you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying vegan bowl, Bonefish Grill has you covered. Their vegan bowls include a delicious selection of grains, vegetables, legumes, and a variety of sauces. You can choose from a vegan stir-fry bowl with brown rice, a vegan power bowl with quinoa and lentils, and a vegan Buddha bowl with farro and chickpeas. All of these vegan bowls are packed with flavor and nutrition, making them a great option for any meal.

Vegan Salads

Bonefish Grill also offers a variety of vegan salads that are perfect for those looking for a light and healthy meal. Their vegan salads are made with fresh ingredients and topped with a variety of flavorful dressings. Some of the vegan salads available include a grilled vegetable and goat cheese salad, a Mediterranean salad with feta and peppers, and a vegan power salad with quinoa, chickpeas, and roasted vegetables.

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Vegan Appetizers

If you’re looking for a light and flavorful vegan starter, Bonefish Grill has plenty of options. Their vegan appetizers include a vegan Caesar salad, a vegan beet and tomato salad, and a vegan hummus and pita plate. All of these appetizers are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Vegan Sides

Bonefish Grill’s vegan sides are the perfect accompaniment to any meal. The options include vegan garlic mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, and grilled asparagus. All of these sides are cooked-to-order, ensuring that they are cooked to perfection every time.

Vegan Desserts

For a sweet finish to your meal, Bonefish Grill offers a variety of delicious vegan desserts. Their vegan desserts include an apple tarte, a berry mango crumble, and a chai-infused rice pudding. All of these vegan desserts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Bonefish Grill is a great option for vegans and non-vegans alike. The restaurant offers a variety of vegan options that are sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings. From wood-grilled vegetables to vegan bowls and salads, Bonefish Grill has something for everyone. And with their delicious vegan appetizers, sides, and desserts, it’s the perfect spot for a vegan-friendly meal. So the next time you’re looking for a vegan-friendly restaurant, head to Bonefish Grill for a delicious and satisfying meal!

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