“Do Snyder’s pretzels have eggs?”

No, Snyder’s pretzels do not contain eggs. According to the ingredient list provided on Snyder’s website, the pretzels contain only wheat flour, vegetable oil, yeast, malt syrup, salt and baking soda. There are no eggs listed among the ingredients.

What foods are surprisingly not vegan?

Some foods that may surprise people as not being vegan include honey, white sugar, jelly beans, marshmallows, some breads, some pastries, Worcestershire sauce, some cereals, some energy bars, some chips, some salad dressings, and some crackers. Honey has been a controversial topic within the vegan community, as bees are involved in its production. White sugar and some breads can also contain bone char, which is sometimes used in the refining process. Many candies such as jelly beans, marshmallows, some gummy bears, and other sweets may contain gelatin which is derived from animal sources. Worcestershire sauce is often made using anchovies, and some cereals and energy bars contain non-vegan ingredients such as whey, casein, and/or honey. Some chips and crackers contain dairy ingredients, and many salad dressings contain egg-based emulsifiers.

“Are McDonald’s fries vegan?”

No, McDonald’s fries are not vegan. McDonald’s fries are made with a mix of vegetable oil and beef fat. They also contain wheat and milk, which are not vegan. Additionally, McDonald’s fries may come into contact with animal products, like chicken, during the cooking process. As a result, they are not considered vegan.

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“Are Wendy’s fries vegan?”

No, Wendy’s fries are not vegan. Wendy’s fries are made from potatoes, salt, and oil. While potatoes are vegan, the oil used to cook the fries contains beef flavoring, and therefore the fries are not considered vegan. Additionally, the fries are cooked in fryers that are also used for other menu items that contain animal products, making cross-contamination a potential issue.

What junk food is vegan?

There are many vegan junk food options available, including potato chips, popcorn, pretzels, tortilla chips, French fries, frozen vegetarian pizza, vegan ice cream, vegan cookies, and vegan hot dogs. Other vegan junk food options include vegan candy, such as peanut butter cups, gummy bears, lollipops, and vegan chocolate bars. Some convenience stores also offer vegan jerky, vegan chips, vegan granola bars, and vegan shakes. Additionally, many restaurants offer vegan sandwiches, burgers, and tacos with vegan ingredients.

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