Discovering the Sweet Truth: Is Dubble Bubble Vegan-Friendly?


Are you a vegan looking for an alternative to traditional gum? If so, you may have heard of Dubble Bubble gum. But is Dubble Bubble vegan-friendly? It’s important to do your research before deciding to make Dubble Bubble part of your regular diet. In this blog post, we’ll look at the ingredients in Dubble Bubble, discuss the manufacturer’s vegan stance, and answer the question: Is Dubble Bubble vegan-friendly?

What Is Dubble Bubble?

Dubble Bubble is an iconic chewing gum made by the Wrigley Company. It was first sold in 1928 and is well-known for its bright colors and bubblegum flavor. Dubble Bubble is available in a variety of forms, including sticks, balls, and individually wrapped pieces.

What Are the Ingredients in Dubble Bubble?

The ingredients in Dubble Bubble vary depending on the type of gum you’re buying. The original flavor contains sugar, corn syrup, gum base, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and BHT (a preservative).

What Is Gum Base?

Gum base is the main ingredient in chewing gum and is responsible for the stickiness and chewiness of the gum. It’s made from a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients, such as vegetable gums, waxes, and emulsifiers. Some of the more common ingredients used in gum base include latex, chicle, and shellac.

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Is Gum Base Vegan-Friendly?

The answer to this question depends on the type of gum base used. Latex and chicle are both vegan-friendly, while shellac is not, as it is derived from the shells of a type of beetle. Some brands, including Dubble Bubble, use vegan-friendly gum base, so it is possible to find vegan-friendly gum.

What Is the Dubble Bubble Company’s Stance on Animal Products?

The Dubble Bubble company is committed to producing products without the use of animal products. On its website, the company states that none of its products contain any “animal-derived ingredients, gelatin, or by-products of animal origin.” This means that all of its products, including Dubble Bubble gum, are vegan-friendly.

Is Artificial Flavoring and Coloring Vegan-Friendly?

The artificial flavors and colors used in Dubble Bubble gum are vegan-friendly. Artificial flavors and colors are often derived from plants, so they are safe for vegans.

Is There a Vegan-Friendly Dubble Bubble?

Yes, Dubble Bubble does offer a vegan-friendly option for those who are looking for a vegan gum. The company’s Vegan-Friendly Dubble Bubble is made with vegan-friendly ingredients, including vegan-friendly gum base, natural flavors, and natural colors.


As you can see, Dubble Bubble is vegan-friendly. The company’s commitment to using only vegan-friendly ingredients makes it a great option for vegans looking for an alternative to traditional chewing gum. Whether you’re looking for a classic bubblegum flavor or something a bit more unique, Dubble Bubble has you covered!

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