Discover Delicious Vegetarian Fare at Taco John’s!

Discover Delicious Vegetarian Fare at Taco John’s!

If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers a wide selection of delicious vegetarian fare, then you should definitely visit Taco John’s. This popular fast-food chain has been serving up Mexican-style cuisine since 1969, and has added numerous vegetarian-friendly menu options over the years. Whether you’re a committed vegetarian or just looking to mix up your usual dining routine, here are all the amazing vegetarian meals you can enjoy at Taco John’s.

Vegetarian Breakfast Options

Taco John’s breakfast menu is a great place to start if you’re looking for vegetarian fare. In addition to the vegetarian-friendly hash browns, they offer a delicious breakfast burrito. This sizzling burrito is filled with fluffy eggs, cheese, potatoes, and green chilies, and is served with a side of salsa. For a more classic breakfast option, you can also order a veggie chorizo breakfast burrito. This vegetarian chorizo is made with an exciting blend of spices and veggies, and comes with onions, eggs, cheese, and potatoes.

Vegetarian-Friendly Lunch and Dinner Dishes

The lunch and dinner menus at Taco John’s are also packed with vegetarian-friendly options. If you’re looking for a delicious meat-free main dish, you should definitely try their veggie crunch wrap. This protein-packed wrap is filled with black beans, grilled vegetables, crunchy lettuce, and cheese, and comes with a side of salsa con queso. Another great lunch or dinner option is their bean burrito. This hearty burrito is filled with refried beans, cheese, and crunchy lettuce, and is topped with a savory queso sauce.

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Vegetarian-Friendly Sides And Extras

Taco John’s doesn’t just offer great vegetarian main dishes – they also have lots of delicious side items and extras that are perfect for vegetarians. You can order individual servings of crunchy chips, bean dip, and salsa to snack on, or get an order of their chips and nacho cheese for a heartier side dish. The spicy potato oles are another great vegetarian-friendly side item – these crispy potato bites are made with a special blend of spices, and they come with a side of zesty nacho cheese sauce.

Delicious Vegetarian / Vegan Combos

Taco John’s also offers a variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan combos. For a light lunch or dinner, you can opt for a vegan burrito combo – this combo comes with a vegan burrito, pinto beans, and vegan queso. The veggie works combo is another great choice, and it comes with a veggie crunch wrap, a side of potato oles, and a fountain drink of your choice. And for an extra-hearty meal, you can try the vegan nacho supreme – this delicious combo comes with vegan nachos, vegan queso, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and a side of vegan sour cream.

Convenient Online Ordering

If you’re looking for a fast, convenient way to enjoy Taco John’s amazing vegetarian fare, you can always place an order online. Their online ordering portal makes it easy to customize your meal, and you can even add extra sides and toppings to make your meal even more delicious. And if you’d like to cater a meeting or event, you can easily order vegetarian-friendly items in bulk.

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Whether you’re a committed vegetarian or just looking to try something new, Taco John’s has plenty of delicious vegetarian offerings. From breakfast burritos and veggie crunch wraps to vegan combos and chips and nacho cheese, there’s something for everyone. Plus, their convenient online ordering makes it easy to enjoy your favorite vegetarian dishes without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. So the next time you’re in the mood for some Mexican-style vegetarian fare, head over to Taco John’s!

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